Exhibition "aude photographers" november 30th to december 30th 2006. Vernissage november 30th 18.00 - 21.00.

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Jean-Louis Bigou
thumb jpg/jean-loius_bigou_021_21t.jpg
thumb jpg/jean-loius_bigou_023_23t.jpg
thumb jpg/jean-loius_bigou_028_28t.jpg
thumb jpg/jean-loius_bigou_032_32t.jpg

Léon Ehrhart
thumb jpg/leon_ehrhart01t.jpg
thumb jpg/leon_ehrhart02t.jpg
thumb jpg/leon_ehrhart03t.jpgjpg/leon_ehrhart03t.jpg
thumb jpg/leon_ehrhart04t.jpg

David Samblanet
thumb jpg/david_samblanet_carreaut.jpg
thumb jpg/david_samblanet_lesanglaist.jpg
thumb jpg/david_samblanet_nuddingt.jpg
thumb jpg/david_samblanet_troupelt.jpg

André Subirana

thumb jpg/andre_subirana_portF01t.jpg
thumb jpg/andre_subirana_portF02t.jpg
thumb jpg/andre_subirana_portF35t.jpg
thumb jpg/andre_subirana_portF64t.jpg

Vernissage the 30th november

thumb jpg/vernissage1206artisvita01t.jpg

Exhibition september 14th to october 21st  2006. Vernissage september 14th 18.00 - 21.00.

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                            Dolors Rusiñol Masramon
thumb rusinol/dolors_rusinol_velers_t.jpg
Marie-Claude Maqua-Klein
thumb maqua-klein/marie-claude_maqua-klein_bild3t.jpg
vernissage september 14th
visit of the school classes
thumb jpg/cm1cm2_02t.jpg

Exhibition august 3rd to september 9th 2006. Vernissage august 3rd 17.30 - 19.30 *.

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                             Petra Korte
thumb Salinenpackung-Petra-Korte-a.jpg
Frédéric Belli thumb frederic_belli_01t.jpg
vernissage 3rd of august
thumb jpg/vernissage0806artisvita03t.jpg

* For this vernissage we had changed the opening hours. After 19.30 there was the great open air dinner of our village feast.

Exhibition may 11th to june 24th 2006.

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                               Matthias Surges
thumb jpg/matthias_surges_laubgruent.jpg
Dolors Noguer
thumb dolors_noguer_pomes001t.jpg
some photos of the vernissage may 11th
thumb vernissage0506artisvita1t.jpg

Exhibition march 30th to may 6th 2006.

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                                Manuela Tello
icon manuela_tello_empuries_Vt.jpg
Claude Forest
icon claude_forest_persistance_retinienne006t.jpg
march 30th

thumb vernissage0306artisvita01t.jpg
Visit of the
school classes

thumb visite_ecoles0306artisvita05t.jpg