Claude Forest

Exhibition march 30th to may 6th 2006
image claude_forest.jpg

For those who look at the painting of Claude Forest, the colour insists. Let us try to talk about this effect, running the risk being approximative: the colour continues, is distributed, diffused, stopped, crackled, demolished, organized. Pressing. That's why it's insisting. But there is more. It is as free play during which the colour appears occupied with itself, as in singular conflict, seeking itself, deviating by successive approximations, pushing back its own attacks, daring the confrontation, balancing finally in a kind of pacification, a reward perhaps.
A curious balance, in no way an enigmatic Archimedes. We could attend chaos, but some form is detached. It is also that which retains us. The colour business, one sees it well, it is worked by a concern, each time. Restless colour therefore, active, worried, but without back thought because, all occupied of its unforeseeable development, never it does recall anything, always in front of itself. The colour of Forest is not repetitive. It is on an alert. It expects something.

Pierre Parlant in "pigments, fragments" about the painting of Claude Forest
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