Manulela Tello

exhibition march 30th to may 6th 2006
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The reality transforms to us. We transform the reality. This principle is the motor of a creative process
I developed during last the thirty years. My work leans in the stylistic elements that offers me painting as a means of expression that helps me to be able to transmit the subjectivity of my perception. An entity of harmony, reflection and expressiveness.
A permanent search has taken me to make a route from figuration to abstraction, journeying by a chromatic constructivism to an abstract expressionism, always under the kind glance of Kandinsky, Mondrian and Rauschenberg, as more determining guides. The point of arrival, at least until today, is still the personal ambition to look for an expression through the color, with the maturity of a whole journey now reassured in an abstraction that coexists with the definition of the naked line, the gesture, the symbol. The departure point is always the inner reality starting from a critical attitude.
A constant element in all this evolution is the study and the analysis of the colour, its subtility, its expressiveness, its capacity to create spaces full of rhythm and harmony in perfect balance with the ideas. Ideas that emerge to suggest a new encounter to us with the reality. The forms do not have an importance as such, but by their inner meaning, its essence. Flat spots and transparencies, spontaneous, sincere and pure. The line as secondary actor of the form that helps the colour to transmit new artistic proposals.
The thematic one of my work has moved between landscapes and stills, has reflected on the role of the woman in society, on the archetypes, the memories, the language written like expressive symbol. From the internalization of all that reality that transforms us, a new flood of creativity
arises in each piece of work.

MANUELA TELLO, Barcelona, August 2004

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