Matthias Surges

Exhibition may 11th to june 24th 2006
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Matthias Surges, color landscapes

For some years already Matthias Surges deals with the topic of landscape. His investigations led him after a phase of the conventional landscape painting to abstract water color studies, which outline a landscape area. They show views of horizons reduced to the pure colour, which consist of several colour gradients laid on top of each other. In the color reliefs however, which are settled between painting and sculpture, the artist develops coloured forms by reduction to one individual color. In these reliefs surface becomes space by bent sections. Light and shadow create the spacial impression, which creates movement by change of the viewer point of view.

Although the monochrome "picture objects" both by the choice of material (aluminum, industrial paints/acrylic) and by its minimalistic structure seem to form a contrast to the traditional perception of nature, their titles, which come either from the paint which was applicated or from a place name, refer to nature. In the artistic argument with a historical subject Matthias Surges developed a new point of view and request by making the experience of the landscape and the meditation of natural phenomena recognizable phenomenologically as concrete form (and color). Originally taken away from the
context of subjective experience, he sketches the concept for an abstract landscape, in which form and color are reduced to a pure logical value and then are experienced by the viewer's individual associations.

(Dr. Ann Ann-Katrin Guenzel)
Some exhibitions:

Personal exhibition at TZR Galerie, Bochum, Germany

Personal exhibition at the Cologne Art Fair "Art Cologne", TZR Galerie, Germany

Personal exhibition at Kunstraum 28/30, Cologne, Germany
Süd-Westdeutscher Aquarellpreis, SK Völklingen, Germany
Internationale Aquarellbiennale, Kunststation Kleinsassen/Fulda, Germany
„Bonner Künstler in St. Petersburg“, Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia
„Links“, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, Great Britain

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