Frédéric Belli

Exhibition august 3rd to september 9th 2006

The interval

The principal theme of  Frederic Belli’s approach concentrates nowadays on the question of the territory, on the attachment, as he specifies, real and/or imaginary, to a country: "Algeria". Video, painting and writing, convened together or separately, are used as tool to an investigation putting in contact the private and the universal, introspection and prospection, the memory and the unconscious. It is thus of a certain Algeria the artist tells us, a mental Algeria, very interior and interiorized, from which he makes emerge traces, signs, words, symbols and of which he records improbable images. The representation is held remote from the mimesis. Its problems are problematic. It is worked out in the interval of the visible and the invisible, the readable and the illegible. The paper and the tissue, generally tissue free of frame, floating, function as a support for projection, a space for inscription and a zone of passing between shown/hidden and abstract/figurative. His work painted, drawn, written or filmed restores, brings up on the surface the "inter-views", fragments of impressions, bits of sensations, scraps of memory and forms thus a lacunar landscape, a living palimpsest. His research, leaning on autobiographical material, bound, as the artist notes, “to a certain idea of the identity search", aims, by putting into circulation writing, painting and  video image, a kind of méta - language, or even of third language, bearer of a different form of intelligibility.
Some exhibitions:

2 0 0 4 
" V o i l é   -   D é v o i l é "   C h â t e a u   d e   L i n a r d i é,  S é n o u i l l a c   ( 8 1 )
2 0 0 3 G a l e r i e   S u r   l e s   Q u a i s,  R e v e l   ( 3 1 )
2 0 0 1 G a l e r i e   A r t   S u d,  T o u l o u s e
2 0 0 0 C e n t r e   M é d i t e r r a n é e n   d e   l ' I m a g e,  M a l v e s   e n   M i n e r v o i s
1 9 9 9 «   l  É s s e r   H u m à   »   l  A t h a n o r ,   S c è n e   N a t i o n a l e,  A l b i
1 9 9 8 
P r é l u d e ,   l  E s p a c e   d u   C h a n g e m e n t,  T o u l o u s e

«   D i x   d  i c i   »   C e n t r e   d  A r t   C o n t e m p o r a i n,  C a s t r e s
1 9 9 7 
C a s a   G o l f e r i c h s,  B a r c e l o n e  
1 9 9 5
P a v i l l o n   A d é l a ï d e,  B u r l a t s   ( 8 1 ) 
1 9 9 3
M u s é e   I n g r e s,  M o n t a u b a n

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