Marie-Claude Maqua-Klein

Exhibition september 14th to october 21st 2006
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Contents of my painting

The stable... the earth, the mountains, the stones...
The flowing... the water... the life.
If I want to control nature, I destroy it.
Thus it happens also in my paintings...
In this way "interior" landscapes are born, which are related the "outer ones".

The painting is for me a reconciliation between explosion and suppression of feelings and of colour, between internal unrest and the outward restraint. It is a fight between nothing to want, tomay and to be able.
Marie-Claude Maqua-Klein 
Some exhibitions:

TechnologiePark, Bergisch Gladbach ( D )

Koan Legal Strategies, Bruxelles ( B )

Galerie Höfer, Port d’Andratx
Château Dampière, Paris ( F )
2002 SKGalerie, Museum Baden, Solingen ( D )

,,Von inneren und äußeren Landschaften“,Salle Pierre Clouet, Bouillon, ( B )
2001 „se dépasser..“ Neujahrsempfang der Stadt Langenfeld, Kunstraum Langenfeld ( D )
1998 „Landschaft zum Atmen“, Sofita, Talentförderung, Düsseldorf ( D )
1997 Corbion /Semois ( B )

Haus Altenberg, Altenberg ( D )

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