Ma Dolors Noguer i Matamala

Exhibition may 11th to june 24th 2006
image dolors_noguer.jpg

In her last exhibitions she has chosen to oppose daily objects, fruits, people and infant dreams, in a foreground to the placid atmospheres, that do not stop being a projection of her personal world and nearly protected by the compact and calm walls of the color that wrap her paintings.

All this is reinforced by "collage" or pencil calligraphy that complets the force of the concept and the image or
the truncated and forceful drawings. All these stratagems back up a splendid work.

Some exhibitions:

2002 Galeria Expocambra - Girona

Galeria Giart - Girona

Artexpo New York 2002
2003 Can Ginebreda (Porqueres) “Matem-nos, art per després d’una guerra”

Pou d’Art – Sant Cugat
2004 7 è. Edició Maçart – Maçanet de Cabrenys

Galeria Boto de Roda -  Col.letiva de Nadal - Torroella de Montgri
2005 Paisatges Bibliòfils – Galeria Tretze – Banyoles

Galeria Ida Sennacheribbo – Barcelona
Salon de les Arts – Trèbes (France)

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thumb dolors_noguer_dues_pomes_damunt_lescalat.jpg
thumb dolors_noguer_magranest.jpg
thumb dolors_noguer_pomes001t.jpg
apples downstairs
bumped pomegranate
watchful bottle
thumb dolors_noguer_gel_xamput.jpg
thumb dolors_noguer_sestant_marcintt.jpg
thumb dolors_noguer_empolles_amb_pomat.jpg
gel, shampoo, deordorant
aftershave etc.
they faded away
bottles and apple
original text (spanish)
vita (spanish)