Exhibitions in 2007:

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Carme Bosch i Agustí, paintings thumb jpg/carme_bosch_peix_groct.jpg
Dolors Bosch i Agustí, sculptures         

Exhibition from may 3rd to june 1st 2007.
Vernissage may 3rd 18.00 - 21.00.

thumb jpg/dolors_bosch_papiermache2t.jpg
Reinhold Engberding, sculptures and prints thumb jpg/reinhold_engberding_ot_24xDN40t.jpg
Moritz Hasse, paintings

Exhibition from june 7th to june 29th 2007. Vernissage thursday, june 7th.

thumb jpg/moritz_hasse_new_york_wt.jpg
Ralf Witthaus, installations and objects thumb expo0707/jpg/ralf_witthaus_2007_puzzlet.jpg

Jean-Pierre Montaron, objects

Exhibition from july 5th to july 27th 2007. Vernissage thursday, july 5th.

thumb expo0707/jpg/jean_pierre_montaron_sans_ecole_fixe04t.jpg
Ginette Lafon, photo installations thumb jpg/ginette_lafon_homo_clone_et_hibiscust.jpg
Eric Clément-Demange, photo objects

Exhibition from august 2nd to september 7th 2007. Vernissage thursday, august 2 nd.

thumb jpg/eric_clement_demange_loquee_du_28_novembre_2006t.jpg
Eva Lützenkirchen, paintings and drawings

Exhibition from september 13th to september 28th 2007. Vernissage thurday, september 13th.

thumb jpg/eva_luetzenkirchen_vorstadtstrasse_im_sommert.jpg