Eva Lützenkirchen


Exhibition september 13th to september 28th 2007
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[...] Part of the most important characteristics of her pictorial style make these atmospherically dense colour shades as also the abstracting idiom of forms, which remains always obligated to the objective and the figurative, however holds at the same time the attention of the viewer in a tense state of suspense between concretizing and dissolution, between apparition and subjective perception. In this sense the designation “expressive, romantic realism” is also to be understood, with which Eva Luetzenkirchen once described her style of painting. None of the represented motives - be it the still lives, the landscapes or the portraits -  shows precisely, firmly outlined contours, it’s the opposite: The colour application is frank and stained, the brush lines are not design elements bound to an accurate rendition of the naturalistic form. The image surface reminds a colour area, which consists of abstract structures on the one hand and of objectively readable forms on the other hand. Thus Eva Luetzenkirchen succeeds in catching in her pictures the innate poetry of the represented things, the atmosphere of a place or a landscape and to express the special connection between an object and/or figure and the environment, between nature and architecture in a completely own way [...]
Ursula Merkel 2001
Some data:
1921 born the 6th of October at Lübeck
studies of graphics, wall painting and painting at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg with Hugo Meyer-Thur, Willy Breest, Erich Hartmann and Willem Grimm.
1947 moves to Karlsruhe;
1947/48 studies at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe with Wilhelm Schnarrenberger and Otto Laible, inscribed for the master class with Erich Heckel
1948 marries Georg Richter (1914-1985), editor and writer at Karlsruhe
since 1954 participates in public exhibitions, e.g. 1954 “Junge Badische Kunst”, Frühjahrsausstellung Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden; 1955 “Junge Künstler Baden-Württemberg, Kunstpreis der Jugend”, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden; 1956 Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg, “Ausstellung zeitgenössischer Malerei, Graphik und Plastik”, Höhenpark Killesberg Stuttgart; 1957 “Frühjahrsausstellung Karlsruher Künstler” im Badischen Kunstverein Karlsruhe
1958 first single exhibition at the Deutsche Bücherstube Karlsruhe, since then many exhibition in Germany and abroad
2001 single exhibition “Eva Lützenkirchen - Gemälde 1945-1965", Städt. Galerie Karlsruhe (catalogue)
2005 BB-Bank Karlsruhe
2007 single exhibition “Eva Lützenkirchen- Ein Leben für die Kunst- 65 Jahre Malerei”, Amtsgericht Schwetzingen

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thumb jpg/eva_luetzenkirchen_kleiner_hafen_in_daenemarkt.jpg
thumb jpg/eva_luetzenkirchen_sehnsucht_nach_lichtt.jpg
Vorstadtstraße im Sommer
(suburb street in summer)
Kleiner Hafen in Dänemark
(little port in Denmark)
Sehnsucht nach Licht
(longing for light)
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thumb jpg/eva_luetzenkirchen_portugal_alentejat.jpg
thumb jpg/eva_luetzenkirchen_der_alte_pfeifenraucher_IIt.jpg
Der Junge
(the boy)
Portugal, Alenteja
Der alte Pfeifenraucher II
(the old pipe smoker II)
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