Exhibition may 3rd to june 1st 2007
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The art of Dolors Bosch is not to put under any other dictation that is not the intimate and urgent necessity of the artist to find expression routes to overturn their anxious spirit towards the outer world. For that reason the art of Dolors Bosch is a tremendously sincere art that flows at the margin of the fashions and the servitudes that the market of the art imposes. Nevertheless, in her case, it’s not an autist’s art, like it is for so many present creators that have locked up too much their language in themselves, too cryptic to connect with the other souls.

Dolors never stagnates in a unique solution, assuming the risk of being mistaken. What impels her creative spirit is her anxiety of a constant search, an attitude that she wants to experience in the maximum of fields and possible techniques within the two and the three dimensions: the drawing, the etching, the ceramics, the painting, the installation, the artistic actions..., and the diverse supports (the silk, the cardboard, the fabric, the paper, the mud, the refractory, the porcelain...). In order to write her artistic path, Dolors has also drunk all the contemporary art and from there she has distilled multiple ways and influences that have been fused with her own thread: the love by the found object, the graphic gesture and the textures of the materials, the rhythm of composition, the plentiness and the emptiness of Moore, the “essentialization” of the human figure of Picasso, the work that overflows its traditional borders and installs itself in the space, the community between the sculpture and the poetry... and her baroque spirit, almost always her baroque spirit, that bothers so much the “minimalist” spirits, although it was she who presented me the English sculpturers of the Eighties and it’s she, a lover of the Japanese art. Equal like a spider, Dolors weaves her spider web untiringly, without stopping. Sometimes her route takes her to corners where she already had been before, other times towards unexplored territories. But it is a strange spider amongst her equals, like the bug of Kafka, and she can make unexpected turns to the very personnel, like when she organized a celebration to give away a part of his work stock to her friends: "I have done it for simple question of realism", she said to me.
Mònica Bosch, January 2007
Some exhibitions:
1999 “Traços i Trossos de D. Bosch. Pintura oli s/tela. Restaurant Can Ginebreda. Porqueres.

“Avortament”. Instal·lació al Museu Comarcal de la Garrotxa. Olot.
2001 Galeria « Stundars ». Escultures (Capsimetries) i Pintures. Solf. Finlàndia.

Espai Agustí Massana. Pintura i Ceràmica. Poble Espanyol. Barcelona.
2002 Pintures sobre seda i Capsimetries. Performance “Respiri, no respiri”.Viladamat.
2003 “Cims, globus i marges” (amb C. Pujol). Instal·lació. Centre Cultural de la Mercè. Girona.

“Bio-Ritmes” Escultures Capsimetries. Consell Comarcal del Gironès. Girona.

“Bio-Ritmes II” Capsimetries i escultures de paper reciclat. Sarrià de Ter.
2004 “Multiacció :quan la bombolla peti”. Pintura i escultura. Escoles Velles. Begur.
2005 “Fragments d’un tot” . Ceràmica, pintura i instal·lació. Fundació Valvi. Girona.

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