Eric Clément-Demange


august 2nd to september 7th 2007
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Since 2002, I drown the photographs which I assemble under the colour red then I engrave on the photographs lines with a knife. The squaring often appears. But the engraving of photography can also underline forms, shades and lights, colours. The red colour transforms the image, giving it an unreal aspect, becomes a drawing. The squaring completes the transformation of the image photographed into a new support. The reference changes, alters. The inanimate subject comes to life.

In the course of my experiments and my various work, I am interested more and more in disappearance. The disappearance of the image at the moment when it never was so present. I make it disappear. My studies in History haunt me and arise more and more in my work. The History joines disappearance in my work on photography.

Eric Clément-Demange
Some data:
1969 Born at Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Val-de-Marne).
1993 Canon EOS-1000FN : first reflex bought.
1998 End of studies in history.
2002 Beginning experimentations on the photographic support : use of red ink and knifes.
2003 Collective exhibition at the Galerie Art'7 (Nice), "Art'7 voit Rouge"
2005 Sony DSC-W12 : first digital camera bought.
2005 Personal exhibition "Des Structures" au restaurant du Théâtre National de Nice.
2005 Collective exhibition "PhotoSept" à la Villa Barbary (Carros).
2007 Personal exhibition "Des Figures" au centre culturel de La Providence (Nice).
2007 Personal exhibition "Venise de Côté" à la Cave Romagnan (Nice) dans le cadre du Printemps des Poètes.

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thumb eric_clement_demange_structures_serie_j_vue_3t.jpg
thumb eric_clement_demange_loquee_du_28_novembre_2006t.jpg
Amour d’Octobre (Mao Zedong), 2006
Des Structures Série J Vue 3, 2005
La Loquèle du 28 novembre 2006
thumb eric_clement_demange_soleil_d_automne_deuxieme_soufflet.jpg
thumb eric_clement_demange_une_semaine_en_hiver_decembret.jpg
thumb eric_clement_demange_soleil_d_automne_dernier_soufflet.jpg
Soleil d’Automne – Deuxième Souffle, 2006
Une Semaine en Hiver – Décembre, 2006
Soleil d’Automne – Dernier Souffle
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