Reinhold Engberding

Exhibition june 7th to june 29th 2007
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Generally spoken the works of Reinhold Engberding do not require large explanations. You only have to listen to them a little attentively, then they will begin to tell. They are characterised by a high degree of systematics and stringency. They lay out tracks, which consistently continue, once one has found them. At the same time however they are also in a poetic state of suspension, at a frontier that gives us all the free space to follow our own thoughts. [...]

At the same time the work captivates by a poetic fragile sculpturalness, which detaches it and lets it float above all things by its own aesthetic physicalness. [...]

Finally I would still like to say something about the techniques of Reinhold Engberding, which are traditionally still defined as female activities, like sewing and stitching. The artist deals naturally with these techniques. Their application results for him from a content wise or material wise consequence, and are not meant to be a contribution to the gender discussion. Nevertheless they can be read in the end as comments to this heavily loaded discourse, when the artist explicitly does not take part in theory formation, but acts, regardless of sex specific attributions.
Silke Baumann, Kunsthalle Basel
Some solo exhibitions:
1997 ,,a man droo the feers", Galerie Stücker, Brunsbüttel, Germany
1998 ,,safe face", Galerie Thomas Gehrke, Hamburg, Germany
1999 ,,Die große Nacht", Künstlerhaus Hamburg-Bergedorf, Germany

,,Correspondentia #1", Galerie Neue Anständigkeit, Berlin, Germany, 1. Engberding / Nidden-Grien ­ Gemeinschaftsausstellung, Texts and Drawings
2002 ,,Correspondentia #2", Galerie trottoir, Hamburg, Germany, 2. Engberding / Nidden-Grien, ­ Gemeinschaftsausstellung, Texts und Photographic Works
2004 ,,So long", Galerie Gruppe Grün, Bremen, Germany
2005 ,,6 x 2 = 13", Kunstraum Tosterglope, Tosterglope near Lüneburg, Germany

,,von unten ja ganz schön", Atelier Anders Petersen, Elmshorn, Germany
2006 ,,Grün ist die Tugend", Stadtmühle Willisau, Willisau/Luzern, Switzerland

,,Correspondentia #3", das Gästezimmer, Wolhusen, Switzerland, 3. Engberding / Nidden-Grien ­ Gemeinschaftsausstellung, Texts, Sculptures
"HOWWHO", Chiang Mai University Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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          o.T.- 24xDN40, 2005        
o.T.- Totenwanderstab (dead's walking stick), 2001
o.T.- 24,23,24 - Mandorla IV, 2005
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thumb reinhold_engberding_ot_ich_hoere_schlechtt.jpg
thumb reinhold_engberding_regina_bartolet.jpg
Isabella (Willisau Bartole)
o.T.- Ich höre schlecht (my hearing is bad), 2006
Regina (Willisau-Bartole)
original text (german)
vita (german)
Photos by courtesy of: Tim Kubach, Hamburg (No. 1 + 3), Jo Fliegner, Bremen (No. 2), Reinhold Engberding (No. 4+6), Fred Dott, Hamburg (No. 5)