Moritz Hasse

Exhibition june 7th to june 29th 2007
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[...] Moritz Hasse visits cities and takes photographs. Then he returns to his studio and translates these motives into oil painting. No photo-realistic work develops, also no constructions of the reality. Despite a strange unsharpness one thinks to be able to recognize the photo still quite exactly, but does one really see everything?
Hasse’s topics are not the representative points of interest of a city, not their splendour roads or boulevards. It’s rather the smaller and larger streets, in which people live, in which the garbage piles itself up at the street corner, a car wreck is parked or a camper is turned off. In these streets one feels the presence of humans, who are however only rarely present in Hasse’s pictures - and never as protagonists -. One thinks to recognize the traces of the everyday life, but Hasse does not show them explicitly at all. One feels the life and nevertheless these streets lie there in a strange continuous, unexcited, almost inviolable atmosphere [... ]
Text excerpt by Carolyn Heinz
Some solo exhibitions:
2002 „East village Taganskaja“, Galerie Meinhold, Berlin
2003 „Bürgersteig, New York“, Schaufenster „trottoir“, Hamburg

„Moritz Hasse, Malerei“, Residenz Würzburg
2004 „Kreuzberg bis Williamsburg“, Galerie Meinhold und Reucker, Berlin

„Straßenansichten: New York, Moskau, Berlin“, Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Hamburg
2005 „Rom: Straßen und Plätze“, ARD-Hauptstadtstudio, Berlin

„Junge Kunst aus Berlin“ (mit B.Weiss), Galerie Horst Dietrich, Berlin

Stiftung Rosenbaum, Gutshaus Steglitz, Berlin
2006 „Architektur in Alltagsansichten“, Hering Bau, Holzhausen

„la tünel mandor“ (mit R.Engberding), Galerie C.Heinz, Hamburg

„Passagio Beyoglu“, Galerie Horst Dietrich, Berlin
„Metropolitan Avenues – Straßenansichten aus New York und Istanbul“, Galerie Stücker, Brunsbüttel

one artist show, Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Horst Dietrich

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          Rome, Via Monte Brianzo, 2005   New York, 21st Street, 2007 Istanbul, Tarlabasi C., 2006
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thumb moritz_hasse_new_york_wt.jpg
thumb moritz_hasse_instanbul2_wt.jpg
Moskow, chaussee in the north, 2002 New York, Greenpoint, India Street, 2007 Istanbul, Tünel, 2006
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