, exhibitions 2005

Exhibition "engravings" december 1st to december 31st 2005.
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Ursula Brüschle-Comes
icon image herbst II
icon image herbst III
no portrait
image deleted at
the artist's demand

Evelyne Dominault
icon image sans titre 1
icon image sabs titre 2
portrait evelyne dominault

icon image africa II
icon image africa III
portrait iberia lanoe

Pierre Lanoë

icon image eau forte 15x23
icon image eau forte 19x25
portrait pierre lanoe

Elbio Mazet

icon image jardin III
icon image jardin VIII
portrait elbio mazet

Olli Ristedt

icon image marbre
icon image marbre de caunes
portrait olli ristedt

Some photos of the vernissage 1st of december

icon photo vernissage artisvita 7

Exhibition september 15th to october 22nd 2005.
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                                Ursula Tanner
icon picture 11
Claudio Isgrò
icon picture payinf6
vernissage september 15th
icon photo vernissage

Exhibition august 4th to september 10th 2005.
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Markus Vergin
small picture schirm
Eric Garnier-Audebourg
small picture 10
Some photos of the opening
icon photo speech5