Markus Vergin

exhibition august 4th to september 10th 2005
potrait markus vergin

Markus Vergin is occupied since 1993 with drawing as formative medium. His initiation took place during an artistic orientation year and here particularly by his teacher, the recently deceased Beuys scholar Winfried Bodemer. Confronting himself with different artistic methods and media, like photography, water color- acrylic- and oil painting and prints he developed his passion for "autonomous drawing".

The drawings shown in the exhibition are the result of more than ten years of artistic work. The most important confrontation rose from a close connection to his
teacher Winfried Bodemer, who monitored him as an artistic advisor during his development as an artist.
1971 born in Leverkusen.
1992-1994 artistic work in groups of arts in Leverkusen.
1995-1998 directs a group of arts, Kulturzentrum (cultural center) Q1, Berg. Gladbach.
1994–2003 studies in art therapy & art education, university of Cologne.
2001 - various artistic work in projects with young persons with heavy educational problems, children's homes in Cologne.
2000 - artistic work at "Kunst-Werk e.V." ("art factory"), Cologne

1993-2003 artistic consultation and support by the Beuys scholar W.Bodemer.

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Kopf unter Pelzmütze
icon image torso1
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Torso I, in vertikalen Linien
Torso II, zwischen farbigen Ellipsen
Torso III, vor Schrägschraffur
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