Ursula Tanner

exhibition september 15th to october 22nd 2005
image portrait ursula tanner

Ursula Tanner does not like too many words about her paintings. Starting from realism towards the integration of elements of the irrational in her pictures, all changes when she moves to Catalonia in 1992. She is fascinated by the sculptural forms and textures which nature offers to her in slow changes by time, by the crumbling and by the force of survival; the greek-roman
ruins of Empurias, the light, the vast space of the Emporda are the new source of her inspiration. It is here where her new paintings are born. They reflect the surrounding nature from the mountain towards the sea.

In 2002 a serious accident immobilizes her. She cannot paint any more during long months. So she invents jewelry, manufactured from rolled old newspaper. Quickly her creations are very appreciated. She creates a wide collection of this jewelry and in 2003 she registers with the association of the craftsmen of Gerona. Then gently she takes up again her painting. At the moment she is in the search of a balance between her creation and her paintings.
1952 born in Herisau, Switzerland
1969/70 School of industrial arts St. Gallen, Switzerland
1971/72 vocational training as interior designer, Switzerland
since 1983 group exhibitions in Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain
since 1992 works and lives in Catalonia, Spain
2002 a severe accident prevents her from painting, she begins a production of jewelry made from old newspaper
2004 becomes a member of the art and crafts association of Gerona, Spain
since several years
L’Art dans le Ruisseau, Conilhac, France

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