Claudio Isgrò

exhibition september 15th to october 22nd 2005
image portrat claudio isgro

Born in
Tunis 1959.
In 1992 he achieves his diploma at the Photographic Departement of the
European Institute of Design.
In 1998 he creates together with other artists the association F.I.N.E. (Fotografia e Incontri con le Nuove Espressioni), followed by the inauguration of a space for new artists.
His activity as a writer is published in the book of Marina Miraglia «Il ‘900 in fotografia»
He lives and works in Turin.

PAYSAGES INFINIS (Infinite Landscapes)   

It's a simple gesture.
You take a sheet and divide it in two by a line.
Slowly a lanscape begins to show. Earth-heaven, sea-earth, sea-heaven. It's the fundamntal idea of my work. Landscapes of the interior world. I have worked with the mode of photogaphy without using a photographic media. Acids, light, sensitive paper and by means of a square window  I have found out the landsape.
A sheet, equitably divided in two.
A lighter part and a darker part. The aim is on the line of separation-unification between the two parts. A living zone. This is the point where you meet. Man-woman, day-night, light-shaddow. Line of balance and harmony, but also of doubt and choice. a non-point of heaven, sea and the earth.
A zone where all is and nothing is.

Claudio Isgrò

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