ArtisVita is a French association under the law of 1901. The aim of this association is to promote art of all forms and especially to organize exhibitions.The project is directed by Reinhard Blanck and Stefan Dobadka, two German artists, living in Calais and Cologne, Germany. If you want to know more about them, please visit their home page at

The project originated in 2000 when the house was acquired. In those days there were few places for exhibitions in Aude. International actual art was rarely to be seen. This was the reason why, between 2005 and 2007, 
ArtisVita presented mainly international artists, whose work took a clear position in the dialogue between the artist and the viewer. It was important to sound out the possibilities of the technology used in each case and its frontier and to analyse the artist’s own role as an art creator.

"Cross over" projects were a main item, in which either an artist expanded his function into new ranges or several artists of different sections co-operated.

ArtisVita sought to oppose varying approaches by usually showing the work of two artists per exhibition. Thus, the art consumer was confronted in one exhibition with different solutions, different techniques and/or different perspectives.

The region, particularly the Minervois, was at a social turning point : the traditional viticulture was moving away from mass production, whilst the population still renews itself steadily by an influx of people from other regions of France and of foreigners.

Under the label "Decentralization" new structures have grown in rural area. Thus numerous places for exhibitions have been created. Newly built tourist offices, libraries, media places and art centers take care of nicely equipped exhibition spaces with the help of public money. Inside and around these places teams of professionals organize a wide program for the interested public. For the artists it is not difficult any longer to find an exhibition space to fit in.

To cope with this changing situation ArtisVita has taken two sabbatical years in 2008 and 2009 and decided by the end of 2010 to sell the building. The ArtisVita exhibitions are meant to be a completion to an existing choice, not a rival offer to it. Especially in July and August a wide range of art animation is now available; so ArtisVita is liberated from a stringent exhibition program. In the future there will be irregular single exhibitions in another place. The new freedom shall facilitate to explore other fields in art, off the classical (sales-)exhibition, towards ephemeral expressions of actual art which are rarely shown.

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