Here are two little maps to show you the way to Azille. ArtisVita is on 5 Place aux Herbes, 11700 Azille, tel. 04 68 91 43 72.

map azille 1

map azille 2

From Béziers follow the signs towards Carcassonne.
From Narbonne it's direction to Carcassonne as well. Entering Villedaigne turn right and follow the signs to Homps.
From Lézignan it's towards Homps directly.
For all three: when you've passed the service station of Homps, turn right after 200 metres and immediately (!) left towards Azille.

From Carcassonne West  follow the signs towards Mazamet until you have passed the industrial area of Pont Rouge. At the big roundabout turn right towards Villegly/Caunes. This road leads you to Rieux. When you've passed the center of Rieux, the road to Azille is to the left.

From Carcassonne East and Trèbes drive through the center of Trèbes towards Béziers.  4 km after Puichéric turn left towards La Redorte. The road to Azille is in front of the market place and it's sign is a bit hidden.