Reinhard Blanck + Stefan Dobadka

december 16th to december 18th 2010

Our work is mainly conceptional. When we have worked out the basic criteria for a series of works, the photos are taken. Those photos that match our choice are printed to a photo-sensitive canvas. Then we build wooden frames onto which the canvasses are nailed. The size of a single canvas nailed to its frame is about 36 by 26 cm (14 by 10 inches). With this figure in mind one can easily guess the size of our works consisting of several canvasses. Most of our work is developed into a series, but every piece of a series is unique piece of art.

The structure series (Strukturen) is a combination of three photographic canvasses and a fourth, normal canvas. One of them shows the original photo, two show a development towards the fourth canvas, which is a complete oil painting.

The wood series (Holzbilder) starts with a piece of wood in the size of the photographic canvas. This is photographed in its original condition. Then the forms are cut with a saw and another photo is taken. When the forms are arranged, a third photo is to be made. The three different photos are again printed to canvasses which are combined with the wood in its final stage and then painted.

The objects series (Objekte) consists of one single photographic canvas. The objects are all of a relatively small size. They are photographed and the photo is again transferred to the photographic canvas. We build special wooden frames with a space for the object within them. The canvas is nailed onto the frame and then cut open to the space where the original object is mounted.

The coudrage series (from french: coudre = sewn) consists of photographic canvases, which are sewn together, cut into pieces and sewn together again in a different arrangement. The "Kaleidoskop" pictures of this series consist partly of images, which have been mirrored in the dark chamber. The "Kaleidoskop" pictures are mounted under glass to let the textile borders visible.

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Holzbild 8
Holzbild 9
Kaleidoskop 7
Objekt Soldat
Objekt Ritter
Kaleidoskop Mairie